The quotations that appear from Lisa and Kelly are brought to you courtesy of a trip to Sioux Falls, S.D. You're welcome.

I will brush my teeth – one of us has to. – Lisa



I told you that you were funny just to cover up the fact that I maimed your birthday cake. – Lisa putting words in Kelly’s mouth



Waldo was the original hipster. – Kelly



They can’t see past their own crazy. – Lisa



She walks like a piece of bent spaghetti. My sister calls her “The Recliner.” – Grandma Faye.



They are so wrong. – Husband
What? – Sarah
They said a watched pot never boils! – Husband



They’ll be taking off in that parking lot like a bee. – Grandma Faye
I thought you were going to say ‘bat out of hell’. – Sarah
I know – I changed it. – Grandma Faye



How do you wash your beard? – Sarah
With your toothbrush. – Husband



You have to have it your way, don’t you Maple? You’re like the Burger King of puppies. – Husband


Which one made you laugh out loud?